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Internal auditing is an autonomous, target affirmation and counseling action intended to include esteem and enhance an association's operations. It helps an association finish its goals by bringing a deliberate, trained way to deal with assess and enhance the adequacy of hazard management, control, and administration processes. Internal audit services is an impetus for enhancing an association's administration, chance management and management controls by giving knowledge and proposals in light of investigations and evaluations of information and business processes. With responsibility to uprightness and responsibility, interior auditing gives esteem to administering bodies and senior management as a target wellspring of free exhortation. Experts called internal auditors are utilized by associations to play out the internal auditing action.


Accounting or bookkeeping services is the estimation, preparing and correspondence of financial data about monetary elements, for example, organizations and partnerships. The cutting edge field was built up by the Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli in 1494.Accounting, which has been known as the "dialect of business",measures the aftereffects of an association's financial exercises and passes on this data to an assortment of clients, including speculators, loan bosses, management, and controllers. Experts of accounting are known as bookkeepers. The expressions "accounting" and 'financial reporting' are regularly utilized as equivalent words.

Developing organizations regularly achieve a point where they require a financial counselor however can't manage the cost of a full time CFO on staff.

AAB has the ideal answer for you. Our low maintenance CFO services in dubai gives you an expert finance management who can deal with everything from complex financial exchanges to ordinary matters like preparing trivial money.


Our part time CFO services in dubai furnish you with experienced support at a little portion of the cost that you may invest for employing a full time CFO on board. You will pay just a reasonable hourly rate or a settled retainer expense for services rendered.


A financial management system is the procedure and programming that an association uses to direct and represent its wage, costs, and resources with the destinations of amplifying benefits and guaranteeing maintainability. A powerful financial management services enhances short-and long haul business execution by streamlining invoicing and charge accumulation, killing accounting blunders, minimizing record-keeping excess, guaranteeing consistence with assessment and accounting directions, helping staff to evaluate spending arranging, and offering adaptability and expandability to suit change and development.